Muscle Memory – I don’t plug things, but this is great

Hey all,

I don’t typically plug things, but today is special. I just picked up a copy of my good friend David’s effort with his new EP, Muscle Memory, alongside some very talented friends of his/ours. The album is called YES! ALWAYS! Do yourself a favor, check it out, download it, maybe even do a #McConnelling video about it, I’m sure everyone will appreciate that.

Tons of love as usual,


Recording the EP – finishing our EP album

Hi everyone,
I just wanted to pop in and give some updates. We’ve got great things going on. We can’t thank Bob at Soundlab enough for his fantastic work and efforts. Our EP is really close to being finished.

1. So Low and Matchless have been recorded. We’re putting the finishing touches on both with vocals and some extra percussion action on Saturday, but we’re really close to being done.
2. Stop looking at me is done. Done. Done. Done. Done. No Seriously, done.
3. We’ll be setting up our release show for the EP shortly. This show will be so great, it’s a can’t miss type of show guys.

Just a reminder, we’re at Southern Hops in Florence, SC on March 7th. We’d love to see you there and rock out with us all night!

All the best,

Last night Recap: Battle of the Bands with The Revealed – Upcoming show with Marbin, eBlue

Hey everyone,

We got the opportunity to play with The Revealed last night for a Battle of the Bands! We had a great time, shared a great show, made new friends, and checked off Myrtle Beach on our “Cities to Break into” list. I wanted to share some photos from last night taken by Suzi Gardner who organized the event. I’ve also got all the information for The Revealed social media stuff. Check ‘em out.

The Revealed Facebook , The Revealed Website

Keep Jan 28th in mind, we’re  at New Brookland Tavern with Marbin  and eBlue  – excellent bands– do check them out

Until next time,


Stop Looking at Me is finished with recording! Now to mix and master!

So here’s a fun update, we’ve finished recording for Stop Looking at Me! Now onto the mix and master portion, small tweaks and changes to make a good song great. We have to thank Bob at Soundlab Recording in Lexington, SC a hundred times over for helping us make this record. We cannot express our gratitude for such a great engineer and valued member of the Skymonk organization. Thanks Bob.

A few shots from the studio today. Yes, I believe these have a filter. Oh, if only everything was bathed in electric neon light all the time…. Ahhhhh.


Until next time friends,


Holy Skymonk Shows Batman! We’re gonna need a bigger boat…

Ok friends,

We’ve got a couple more shows coming up that we are so excited for!!!

Jan 4th – Southern Hops Brewing Company — We are so blessed that Southern Hops has invited us to play this coming Saturday. So for those of you in the Florence, SC area, come check out the music. We start at 7:30 and will continue through 11:30pm.

Feb 8th – Red Door Tavern – We’re back in Cola this weekend for a unique experience. Skymonk will be doing an acoustic set first then finishing up with a bit more intimate electric set then we’re used to. Come by and check out the music, we start at 8:30 and will go until… Free show!

We’ve begun using the Bandsintown App that keeps all this information locked in together, so if you’re having trouble where and when we’ll be, check the app or shoot a tweet to us, we’ll be happy to reply.

All the best, we’ll see you soon