Skymonk, The Melons, Dave Singleton Aug 21st in Asheville, NC at One Stop Deli Hey everybody, Tomorrow we’ll be rocking Asheville at One Stop Deli with our new friends The Melons and Dave Singleton! So fun is coming up fast and maybe this makes me a huge dork but I don’t care. I love Asheville. I love the food, the beer, the music, and general way I feel while I’m there. Hopefully that great vibe will translate into great energy on stage and Skymonk will do a great set! Where should we eat dinner when we get there?


GEAR TALK Secondly I’m shopping around for some new gear. I’ll need a few key things: 1. New acoustic guitar. We’ve started incorporating some lower drop C tuning songs and my Alvarez isn’t handling it when I really start pounding the strings, we’re getting some buzz. So I thought, after some discussion with my guitar tech (Scott) that perhaps it is time to diversify. Morgan Monroe is on the list, a friend of ours is selling his Taylor 310ce so I’m debating between these two for now. 2. New electric guitar. I need to replace my backup Austin Les Paul with something more substantial. Everything has been discussed here between completely custom jobs to getting something factory that I can deck out. I’m looking for something to replace that humbucker, thick beefy tone.   Any ideas on either we’re up for suggestions END OF GEAR TALK

Now for something goofy. Ben found this. It’s weird.

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Skymonk BandHey everyone,

So after a successful release show a couple weeks ago, our sights are on a couple new things.

1. We’ve got an offer out, for joining the email list you’ll receive exclusive unreleased material that nobody else gets. Nobody! But you’ve gotta sign up for the email list.

2. East Coast Tour — We’re booking fall like crazy and we’ll be releasing dates here soon as we confirm shows. Keep your ear to the ground. Want us to come to your town? I bet you do and so do we! Drop a comment in the below box and we’ll get back to you to see what we can do.

Until next time friends,