Skymonk Band

Hey everyone,

The first 4 have everyone to do with Skymonk and LeBron is really just because I’m riffing and I couldn’t resist putting Philip Seymour Hoffman making it rain in this blog post.

So we’ve got several things to talk about!

1. ‘Stop looking at me’ is officially available at for streaming/download, very exciting.

2. Operation Adventure did a nice press piece for us featuring the band on their website, check it out by clicking to go to Operation Adventure. Thanks Michael!

3. This Friday morning at 9 am, Skymonk will be on air with Mike Allen of 92.1 The Palm here in famously hot Columbia, S.C.

4. Just a quick reminder July 19th at Art Bar┬áis Skymonk release show with 10 car pile up, Cairo Fire, and Youth Model, doors are at 8, $5. It’s going to be amazing! Find any other details by using #hotsummernite on facebook and twitter

5. I watched this hilarious video today. I have mixed feelings about LeBron James coming back to Cleveland as I’m a native to Ohio. What confuses me is that people who were burning his jersey 3 years ago are now dancing in the streets. But if Cleveland keeps spending money bringing talent back to the home of Rock ‘n Roll (e.g. Johnny Manziel, LeBron, etc.) we just might be seriously competing. I don’t know, just a rant. Let it rain, Raindance, Ice-man

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The first single ‘So Low’ is now available for download at

It’s finally arrived. We’re less than two weeks away from the full release of the first Skymonk EP set to drop July 19th at Art Bar in Columbia, SC. It’s going to be amazing. We’re sharing the stage with Cairo Fire from Charlotte, 10 Car Pile Up, and Youth Model!

Click on the image to go straight to the download page.

Skymonk Band Photo

Photo taken by Sean Rayford in Columbia, SC from left to right: Kelly Nash, Ben Evans, Scott Roberts

This EP has been coming for this group for such a long time. Over much deliberation, we came to an agreement that we would put these 3 songs out into the world first and get immediately back in the studio after July 19th for another album. There is much more to come from Skymonk, we’ve only just begun, and cue cheesy music… “We’ve only just begun…” But seriously this feels amazing to be this close to completing a major goal for this group. We simply must thank the people who have been helping us put this together, every single one a helping hand, a new friend, and pretty much the only way we have got this far. So I’d like to thank a few people specifically:

Our families. We couldn’t do this without your support. We love you.

Heather, Ashley, you’re our foundation.

Reid, for the unique soul you are and your help

Robert Braciszewski for working with us

Bob Moore of Soundlab Recording Studio in Lexington, SC

Dave Harris of Studio B Mastering in Charlotte, NC

Kevin Scharnhorst of DPK Printing

Randy Borawski of WXRY and Youth Model for helping us promote

Mike Allen of the Palm 92.1

Joshua McCormack – Our album art

Cairo Fire, Youth Model, and 10 Car Pile Up for being part of the release show, sharing the stage, and being stand up guys.

Our friends. For being at every single show. We love that and it means a lot.

And our fans. We are constantly surprised, blessed, and so grateful for your kind words of support, praise, and appreciation for what we do.

The event doors open at 8pm, $5. Again, I can’t emphasize this enough, it’s going to be great. We’ll see you there.

Until then,