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As always we are spoiled by the generosity and enthusiasm of our dear friends in Hartsville, SC at Frets and Necks Guitar Luthierie. We wanted to share some videos of the night for those who could not attend. Cheers!

“Brave the rough”

A new version of “Who am I?”

“Across the pond”


The moment has arrived. “STITCHES” video is now live! The track is also available for download on bandcamp!

To download STITCHES, click here

Please like and share, we truly appreciate all the support you guys have given us! Thanks so much!

Click the image below to view the video. Enjoy!

We’ll see you tonight with Youth Model, Albatross and About Time at Art Bar! Show starts 8pm


stitches – skymonk official video


Mar 25 2016

Meet Me In Atlantis

Meet Me In Atlantis


This is a shameless plug for my younger brother Corey, his band Meet Me In Atlantis. They just released their 1st EP. They should be proud. Taking on a record with no budget, no resources, scrimping and saving cash to get things done against the odds is something to be proud of. For me, because I’ve been on the other end of the phone the whole time, am very aware of many of the struggles. Also because I’ve been in these shoes and walked around in them. It’s tough, it’s harder than most people realize how much work it truly is juggle schedules, money and put out good music. So congratulations fellas, nice work. The EP rocks, check it out.