Because 2 out of 3 ain’t bad… Skymonk and DYEL weekend tour

Hey Friends,

So Skymonk and DYEL had a nice little 3 night run for

sbbColumbia, SC 3/19 – Art Bar

Charleston, SC 3/20 – House Show

Asheville, NC 3/21 – One Stop Deli

Charleston hit a snag and it didn’t work out but we’ll be giving it another go in the future. It happens. So we dedicated this post to Meatloaf for framing this perfectly with his song, “2 out of 3 ain’t bad”. Yeah it’s weird, so what.

The good news is we’ll be rocking Art Bar Columbia, SC on 3/19 with Soensoes and One Stop Deli in Asheville, NC on 3/21 with Stereo Reform. Exciting!!!!

So, as always, the amps will be warm, speakers will be kicking and we’d love to see your smiling faces.

poster 4 asheville


Until next time,



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