“Community: The Antidote for Cynicism”, a brief look at why community is so important among artists

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As a creative person there are times when despite your best efforts success isn’t just rolling in and you’re not buried in money. The press isn’t covering your material, won’t return emails, phone calls, your product may lay dormant, and as my girlfriend so deftly describes, your skin begins crawling with dangerous anxiety. Then when you pop open your favorite local paper/website/blog looking for some kind of solace or at least a direction to point your problems, suddenly other artists you think you’re on the same page with ARE getting coverage, and most likely they are. This is a breeding ground for not only more anxiety but other much more insidious characters to start showing their proverbial ugly heads; jealousy, anger, apathy, misplaced frustrations, snappy tones, and poor attitudes.

However there is relief for these types of issues. One word. Community.

Nothing squashes cynicism and misplaced competition better than a sense of community. Being front and center for your buddy’s band breeds feelings of trust, appreciation, respect and good old fashioned friendship. Let’s face it, we could all use a few more people in the front row at our shows, cheering and clapping their faces off, excited to see your band doing your thing, rocking out and having a blast.

I received an email last night from a smaller, brand new Cola band that was so appreciative that I would pass the word along they were looking for shows, any opportunity. I could just tell by the tone of the writing it was genuine. And I thought to myself, “Geez, who am I? We’re another band trying to do the same thing, fill the place up with good people, put on a great show.”

Long story short, I think we could all stand to show some more appreciation towards one another, send a thanks, show up at your friends show as much as you can, share their stuff online for your fanbase. And all the sudden all those feelings of anger frustration, just fade away.

Click here for the article by Ariel Hyatt where the ideas came from. Thanks Ariel.


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