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Skymonk is an alternative rock band out of Columbia, South Carolina formed by Kelly Nash (Guitars, Vocals), Jared Cooper (Lead Guitar), Scott Roberts (Bass Guitar, Vocals), Ben Evans (Drums) in late 2012. With many Columbia shows, several successful local/regional radio appearances (WUSC, The Palm, WXRY), and a 25 night fall tour spanning 3 states, Skymonk has developed a matured, consistent sound and a lively, impressive rock show. Armed with searing lead guitars and driving, infectious rhythms, their performance makes the crowd get up and ask for more. Skymonk draws influences from many places but the band revolves around rock, blues, and alternative music. Taking elements of groups such as Jack White, Band of Skulls, and Gary Clark Jr., Skymonk compiles energetic, melodic rock, syncopated rhythms, and soaring melodies in a way that moves and connects them with the audience. Skymonk is currently recording their second EP.


“There’s an interesting dichotomy at work in the music of Columbia trio Skymonk. The rhythm section tends toward an understated pulse — nothing too showy, just simple, confident playing. That leaves a wide-open canvas for singer/guitarist Kelly Nash to release a tidal wave of guitar noise that seems to be made of pure visceral emotion. Rather than meshing with bassist Scott Roberts and drummer Ben Evans, Nash traffics in ear-splitting shards of noise that serve to comment on and bolster his vulnerable wail. It’s not uncommon for bands to highlight loud guitars, but Skymonk uses that volume to create another storytelling voice.”- Vincent Harris, Free Times (Aug 04, 2016)



VIDEO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wzy6WmPscAA

Stop Looking At Me: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zPin9CxxxH8


Skymonk BandSkymonk Band