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Ok friends,

We’ve got a couple more shows coming up that we are so excited for!!!

Jan 4th – Southern Hops Brewing Company — We are so blessed that Southern Hops has invited us to play this coming Saturday. So for those of you in the Florence, SC area, come check out the music. We start at 7:30 and will continue through 11:30pm.

Feb 8th – Red Door Tavern – We’re back in Cola this weekend for a unique experience. Skymonk will be doing an acoustic set first then finishing up with a bit more intimate electric set then we’re used to. Come by and check out the music, we start at 8:30 and will go until… Free show!

We’ve begun using the Bandsintown App that keeps all this information locked in together, so if you’re having trouble where and when we’ll be, check the app or shoot a tweet to us, we’ll be happy to reply.

All the best, we’ll see you soon


1st things 1st. Thanks to those who came out to New Brookland Tavern last night, we know it was kinda a weird night, lots going on in Columbia, Christmas around the corner  — But still you decided to spend your evening with the crazy cats of Skymonk. We love you, weird gurgling inside and out (sorry my stomach is growling while I write this). I have to mention the spectacular Charles Grace of Sleeping Policeman from Myrtle Beach, SC drove in last night to spend the evening playing tunes and dropping the dirtiest, bluesy slow version of Thriller I’ve ever heard. Laton Powers Band, (Lanton, Lantern? Sp?, I’m kidding) we always love to share the stage. You are an artist and a stand up dude.

Skymonk has already got a jump on 2014 with our new sweet package of shows coming up. Check it

Jan 3rd – Utopia – We’re doing a 3 hr gig – starting with some quieter tunes, acoustic stuff. Then around 10pm we’re cranking up the amps and making people wish they had decided to bring an extra pair of pants.

Jan 28th – New Brookland Tavern  — Charles Grace will be back in town to play with Skymonk, eBlue, and Marbin. Don’t miss this show, again I suggest extra pants just in case.



So I know we’ve been talking about release, release, release. Well we’re actually making concrete progress. We’re another session away from finishing the new version of Stop Looking at Me. We plan to head back in for a full blown two whole days at Soundlab to finish two more songs to release a complete 3 song EP, analog only. We’ve been so blessed to work with Bob from Soundlab who has just been a great guy to work with. I so look forward to us finally releasing this piece of work with a supreme sense of pride.

Any who…

What we be without a nice gallery of our beautiful mugs.

We appreciate everyone who comes out. Every show. Thank you tons.

Until next time,


Monk Nation,
We’ve been slack on updating you on what’s going on here. Lemme fill you in.
1. We are doing more recording
2. It’s better than before
3. It’s analog
4. And there’s probably more where that came from
5. We had a show out of town (cola), broke that cherry finally
6. We have a show on Dec 19th at New Brookland Tavern, with Sleeping Policeman and Laton Powers — it’s going to be great

So… a few things. Skymonk has big plans for the new year. This is our year to take our music career by storm. Putting out this album and being proud to stand behind it is something that rings deep in all three of us. I think it’s so important for us to truly believe in what we’re doing so we’re taking those steps to do just that.

Couple shots from our last show at Mac’s Lounge in Hartsville on 10/23 and the studio in Lexington, SC

Hey until next time,