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This past saturday was incredible. We had the great opportunity to be featured on WUSC 90.5 Columbia, SC for a 3 song set, featuring “Stop Looking at Me”, “Across the Pond”, and “Who am I?”, and a brief interview with DJ Slenderlad and DJ Brony. Two class acts and great guys. We cannot forget the great effort of Jordan Basl helping us organize this week and making Saturday happen without a hitch. What a cool experience to play over the radio, live no less. For myself, this was a major life goal realized.

Second we moved on to New Brookland Tavern to load up for our show. Devon and Traye Horne Band opened for us and did a spectacular job!! We had such a great turnout!! Skymonk is moving forward and continuing to improve our live performances, songwriting, and getting the word out about our group. Stay tuned everybody, it’s getting better everyday.

Here’s a couple quick videos from WUSC inside the radio station.

And a good excerpt from Saturday’s show — “Stop Looking at Me”

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Oct 17 2012

Utopia gig 10/17

We know we’ll see you all tonight but we wanted to make sure the latest gig poster was up. Enjoy tonight!!

Utopia gig 10/17

Design by Kelly Nash

Oct 12 2012

Latest News!!!

Ok folks — here’s the skinny

Wednesday October 17th, which also happens to be Ben’s Birthday, we are rocking out at Utopia on Rosewood. Come check it out.


Secondly, October 13th

SkyMonk is shooting is very first… hold on… wait for it… interview… WHOAAAAAA!

Boys are out tonight… I will give the first person who guesses 10 bucks who gets that reference correct

We will be introducing the band, sharing some fun photos, and videos clips from our first show, just in case you missed it. We wanted to introduce everyone in the group and give us a chance to share some more material about ourselves with fans! So stay tuned, the video will be posted soon!!