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Hey there, So let’s get right into it. Skymonk has been busy.


ben-posterizedThis past weekend we’ve officially started our first full length album! Ben was crushing some drums this Saturday burning through 6 of the 11 tunes over the day. Impressive. He’ll never tell you, but he thrived under a time crunch. What a boss. So proud. We’ve got to give a big thanks to Boot Areola and Brian Smith of Frets and Necks Hartsville, SC for helping us put this together. Without you guys this would not be possible.

We’ve got a tasty 11 tunes coming your way. Some you’ve heard before and we’re re-vamping, others are considerably newer and are getting a fresh look since this fall when we took the whole catalog out on the road to be played live. We’ve decided on these 11 songs for the untitled album thus far:

kelly-bnwAll my shame

Cheating Heart


Across the pond

Sexy Tango

Old Dog 



Green Lion

Oh my Lord


 We’ve got quite a bit of work ahead of us but we’ll keep you in the loop as we progress. Me and Scotty are probably up next to fill out some guitars and start really hearing how things are coming together.


We’ve got a fancy new app in the right hand panel of the site called Bandsintown that keep our shows on the front page here. If you’re like me and occasionally highly unorganized, this helps me remember what great shows are happening when and where. And if you dig on Skymonk, follow us on Bandsintown so you’ll always know if we’re in your area. Super easy. But coming up we’ve got

Feb 27th – Macs Hartsville, SC

Mar 8th – New Brookland Tavern Columbia, SC with Sleeping Policeman and Semi Casuals

Mar 19th – Art Bar Columbia, SC with DYEL

April 11th – Jillians Columbia, SC


And as promised I want to make sure you get to see some cool live video shot at one of our favorite spots in Florence, SC at Southern Hops. Sam Davis, took the liberty of shooting some video for us. If you haven’t checked out his channel on Youtube, Sam is on the up and up on what’s going on around the Pee-Dee area. Click here to subscribe to Sam’s Youtube channel.  This track is called ‘Oh my Lord’


Charleston/Columbia indie rock friends DYEL and us are doing a couple shows together this coming spring starting with Art Bar in March. We’re so pumped to share an air mattress in a strangers attic with them. They are putting out a new track for the summer, so be sure to snag that. While you’re waiting, do yourself a favor and check out their EP available for purchase at their bandcamp site.

As always, we love you for being a part of what we’re doing and supporting us. We couldn’t do it without you. Fo’ sho’.

Until next time,


Hello, everyone.  I’m back with another edition of Scotty’s Guitar of the Week!

Today, I am bringing you a sweeeeeeeet guitar. This is 1949 Gibson, that we believe to be either an L-5 or L-50. I first came across this guitar when I started my apprenticeship at Frets and Necks almost three years ago.

I love archtop guitars because they have a very unique sound. They sound thinner than big flat top dreadnoughts like a Martin D-18, but they are meant for a different style of music. These guitars sound awesome in jazz, folk and delta blues. There are also electric variants with pickups and cutaways.

These are typically made by hand-carving a bowl into the spruce top and maple or birch back.

The story behind this guitar is really sad. The original owner bought it, probably in the 1960s, because he wanted to learn to play and perform. After a few lessons his teacher told him bluntly to just sell his guitar because he couldn’t sing and would never be able to play guitar well enough to perform. As a teacher myself I was totally appalled when he told me this, because I would never turn away a student who is eager to learn. I am a firm believer that anyone can play an instrument. We might not all take the stage at Carnegie Hall, but everyone has the right and ability to partake in the joy of creating music. What that teacher did was deprive someone of joy and that’s just wrong and shameful.

The previous owner put this guitar on consignment at Frets & Necks probably around 4-6 years ago, and it sat…and it sat…and it sat…and it sat.  It had many admirers, but no one wanted to take home the little Gibson, complete with her character marks and signs of aging.

I kept prodding my girlfriend, Ashley, to try this little beauty out, but she kept declining.  Eventually she relented and picked her up and fell in love.  Any chance she got, she came into the shop to play the Gibson.  It took a few months, and a lot of fear of someone else buying the guitar as a Christmas present, but she finally gave the Gibson a home.  And I’m glad she did.  Not only do I get the extra opportunity to study and play this guitar, but I felt like she deserved this beauty.

This Gibson is easy to play, sounds great and produces some awesome overtones.

I’ll leave you with some pictures and a video link.  In case you’re wondering, I put the hoop in the picture because my girlfriend let’s me put my music equipment everywhere, because I let her put her hoops everywhere.  It’s a symbiotic relationship.

Video clip of the Gibson in action.



image image image image Gibson Gibson Archtop


Jan 8 2015

Scotty Bass Time!

Good evening everyone!

While I was practicing I decided to take out my iPad and record a littlle bit.

I have been working though a bass guitar book called Bass Aerobics by John Liebman. This book goes through 52 different exercises to develop and enhance your technique as a bass player.  You can cover this material in a year at one exercise a week  I highly recommend this book.  It’s actually endorsed by some well known bass players such as Jeff Berlin, Jimmy Haslip of the Yellowjackets, Darryl Jones, and Leland Sklar.

This is the first exercise in the book which focuses on chromatic passages.

I am playing my Fender Mustang through a Sansamp Bass driver deluxe with a clean boost setting into a SWR Workingpro 12 combo. I used only the iPad for video and audio.  Please excuse the extra tapping in the background.  The wind is a whippin’ and that’s the bushes on the window.

Bass Aerobics exercise 1

Hope you all enjoy!

I will occasionally be doing more recordings of practice sessions, including original jams and more bass aerobics.  Be on the lookout for Scotty Bass Time to mix it up a bit from Scotty’s Guitar of the Week.

Peace out!