Where have we been? Well… life happens to Skymonk too.

Hey all,

It’s been a hot minute since you’ve heard from us. sm2There are a number of reasons for that and anyone who has ever taken on a creative project is probably familiar with the hands in the air, shrugged shoulders, eyes wide feeling and murmuring something along the lines of ‘life happens’. Scott, Ben, and myself have all been through some changes personally. I won’t get into the nitty gritty, but Skymonk has experienced some great joys this past year and we’ve dealt with some absolutely crippling losses. Time goes quickly and the passing advice from friends, fans regarding time has never resonated more than it does today. Time is short, time is running out, time is not on our side, time is slipping away, so with that being said, we move forward into 2016 with full hearts that we can simply bring great music to those of you who like to listen. sm5

I’m pleased to say that despite our challenges, we’ve been chugging along quietly through 2015, writing some new tunes, exploring some new opportunities like working with Low Watt Studio in Savannah, GA, and getting some of our own equipment for recording so we can bring you some different versions of the songs you’re already familiar with. That being said 2016 has a whole new feel to it, at least to us. I know not everybody buys into the notion that with a new year comes a new, clean slate. Yes, it is just a calendar date, but we’re taking this New Year, this latest change to heart and with that comes some new experiments, new music, and some new ventures.

Keep your eyes peeled on your inbox. Like I mentioned we’ve been working with Low Watt Studio and we’ve got a fantastic single to start the year off right. We’ll be sharing where and when you can get our latest single “Stitches” as soon as post-production is complete. We’re super pumped and we’re taking on some new territory this year, more Charleston, more Charlotte, more Florence, more South in general, and as always, plenty of Cola shows for fans on our home turf. We’re looking forward to seeing your smiling faces at the next Skymonk show.

See you soon,


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